Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Pardon the dramatics, but I'm wondering if my little blog here is as they say, dead in the water. It's definitely out of steam, but I'm reluctant to let it go. I've tried and failed once to resurrect it, but here goes another attempt. It will mean a radical shift in style, but that is hopefully better than closing shop.

The new flavor involves spontaneity and letting go of the presumption of expertise. It was my intention, formerly, to offer reflective comment based on the experience of being on the ground in the UAE. While the being on the ground part was real, my ability to reflect and then elaborate in any meaningful sense on that experience was the really hard part, especially on a daily basis. So, the alternative is just to write briefly on whatever thought that presents itself, and just hope a few meaningful images or anecdotes spill out.

And, the real kicker is that I'll give myself just 15 minutes to do it--the rough draft, that is. So, with just two minutes to go I'll add that it is worth blogging about life in the UAE because this has to be one of the most fluid and changing societies in the world today. That makes life here both challenging and fascinating. It is a place of constant change, but this change is neither random nor anarchic. It is purposeful and driven by a dream--of the state and of many individuals--to become something great. Times up!

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