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I suppose HIV status is passé for most of humankind unless one is or becomes a victim of the virus, or someone near or dear does. Fair enough. There are so many issues in life. Besides, HIV/AIDS basked in the spotlight of media and world attention in the 1980s and 90s. That is perhaps longer than a lot of other worthy issues have.

That said, it doesn't hurt to bring up the subject now and then as it remains a serious matter regardless of where it might be on the public's radar. In the UAE, in fact, it is not only a medical issue but a human rights one as well.

A scenario to consider... A person in the UAE goes in for medical screening (normally required when one applies for or renews a visa). The mandatory HIV screening shows up a posiitive--HIV+. This will automatically disqualify the person from receiving the visa or renewal. Department of Heath policy states,
HIV test is required for both new cases and visa renewal.
Test Interpretation: Positive result of the test will render the individual unfit to work in Dubai, U.A.E.
On the one level, so what? Why should a foreign applicant be granted a visa to live or work in the country when they are in some capacity not fit to do so? It is the prerogative of any country to admit who it pleases. Personally, I have no quarrels with this.

But what about in the case of visa renewal? In a country where perhaps as much as 90% of the resident population is foreign--non UAE passport holders--there are quite literally a million or more (of the total 5 million population) renewing visas and getting screened on an annual basis. Without researching the numbers, I would reasonably guess that a very large number of these renewals are for long-term resident expatriates.

Now, back to the scenario... Say, for example, a long-term resident has inadvertently and perhaps even unknowingly contracted the illness. Upon screening and being found HIV+, it isn't a case of simply being denied entry into the country. Instead, one is uprooted and expelled from the country. Regardless of what familial, financial and other commitments that person may have in the UAE, he/she is rather ruthlessly expelled.

There are stories of people being arrested at once and incarcerated, while immediate deportation proceedings are carried out. The person is hardly given the chance to make contact with family or loved ones much less make arrangements to relocate or settle their accounts--social, business, financial and otherwise.

Nightmare Scenario

Can you imagine! I don't think many take the time to think about what this must really be like. Ironically, it should make the impact of becoming aware that one is afflicted with this ailment seem almost trivial compared to the immediate trauma of being uprooted from one's life and livelihood.

That is where the question of human rights arises. If such stories are true, then it would mean that quite serious violations of human rights are occurring. I cannot even speculate on the number of cases there might be--if, again such stories are true. Sadly, for some, it would not even be a matter of repatriation, as there are among the expatriate population a percentage who were actually born here. To be forcibly deported from the country under such conditions would amount to forced banishment and exile from one's homeland.

My primary concern in this post is the human rights issue. But there is also a medical one, whereby such a draconian policy could in fact facilitate, rather than, impede the spread of HIV among the population. Just think about it--one may have reason to fear that he/she has contracted the virus. In most forward thinking societies the message is test, test, test! Know your status. But doing so--getting tested--in the UAE would risk facing the plight described above should one be so unfortunate as to have had contracted the ailment.

As a result of this fear--not of the disease but of government action--no one gets tested voluntarily in the country. One is practically forced to live with the virus untested and untreated, greatly increasing the risk of its further dissemination among the population. Touchet!

Dubai Cares... about what?

Shame on the UAE. I believe it is one of very few countries in the world with such draconian policy regarding HIV and AIDS. Now, what about Dubai's so called Health Care City. I am not sure that the word Care really belongs there. The country's stance on this issue is not only inhumane, but it also represents a potential failure to control the spread of the disease.


Recent reports speak of government plans to illiminate job discrimination against HIV+ individuals. Good news? Well, any such laws will be for the benefit of the 10% or so of the population who are UAE nationals. For the other 90% of the resident population, it remains a case of immediate arrest and deportation.

Free education, free medical care and other benefits bestowed upon the national population are well within the purview of any government. Little argument can be made that such privilages should be bestowed upon non-citizens. But a country does not have the right to treat its non-citizen resident population or even visitors in a manner such as that exercised against those found to be HIV+.

The Crux of the Matter:

UAE government policy is to...

  • deny the right to work or remain in country to any new arrival or new visa applicant found to be HIV+. Fair enough.

  • deny such rights to a person who has already established residency in the country who at some point is found to be HIV+. No, this is not fair.

  • incarcerate and immediately expell any non-citizen, resident or new arrival, from the country who is found to be HIV+. Absoluely criminal.

For further or more up-to-date info...

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I also welcome any personal mail to me at upandhi@gmail.com.

Best Wishes to All
B.D. (updated 12-Mar-2016)


Anonymous said...

Hi B D,
i totally agree with u on the whole story... and may i add:
I'm a dentist currently working in dubai and i know for a fact that there's a list of "deporting disease" that includes "Hepatitis B" and "C" and "Tuberculosis" in addition to HIV +ve and AIDS.
Even more,
when u go to donate blood, u have have to show a valid ID and they will make u sign a document stating
that the blood u donated will be tested for HIV HBV HBC.. etc (fine so far), and the results of positive tests will be forwarded with ur ID to the department of health to take the necessary measures, ie kick u out of the country.
And yes Dubai Heath Care City will take care of u, because "WE CARE", as long as r not sick and u actually want to get a 20 000 AED BOTOX "treatment".

And thank u for bringing this up.

B.D. said...

Thanks Anon for your perspective. I normally like to take a positive stance on issues in this country as it can be said that things here generally move from less to more progressive. Let's hope that happens on this issue too--however, it will probably take a lot of international media attention for this to happen. Maybe an Obama White House can get the world to focus on issues beyond terrorism again... want change, turn to Obama :).

Anonymous said...

hi B D

some peapole read ur story and think about but i had this experiance aftter 7 years residancy in uae and its horibale ..... i hope the rules will change ASAP
thanks for ur attention for bringing this up

B.D. said...

Thanks for sharing that. If only people could see this problem for the viewpoint of those it effects directly then they might really understand how wrong it is.

Anonymous said...


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Good luck


Anonymous said...

I strongly agree to what u all mentioned above. I had a very bad experience in UAE where i became the victims to be deported back to my hometown as i have been diagnosed to have hepatitis B positive when i did my medical check up in UAE general hospital. I admit that i was careless and unaware of the exist of this rule before i depart to UAE.
As in knowledge, Hepatitis B is a very common disease where one third of the world population in the world are affected by the virus. I inherit the disease from my mother since i was born. I have no chance to say no to God for chosing me to be one of the carrier but UAE strictly say NO for me. They did not allowed me to stay in the country to get my treatment although my company is willing to bear for all the fee of treatment and medication. My dream to practice my profession as an architect in UAE broke. The medical staffs in the general hospital really insulted me as they laugh at me when they were taking my photo and thumb prints. I felt that i was treated like a prisoner who will be put in jail. I was ordered rudely by the staffs to hold a board which was written with a numbers and arabic words for them to take photo.
This heart-breaking experience has became nightmare and trauma for the rest of my life. I feel very uncomfortable and very depress. The policy to list hepatitis B and C and others diseases as deportable disease is really a violation of human rights. Who ever mention that Hepatitis B and C carrier can not do good job and contribute to the development of the country? I was really shocked as my proffession is not in the category of sensitive and high risk to spread the virus to the others. I strongly recommend UAE to change the policy.

B.D. said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your treatment, which was incredibly inhumane. Where is the conviction of human compassion among those who have made this the law of the land?

Anonymous said...

I agree it is inhuman to deport on these grounds. In fact the health card should be like, with some sign of care, so when a hepatitis, B/C , or HIV positive person goes to dentist or GPs, the must recognize from the healthcare, that extra precautions should be taken and instruments must be properly sterilized to prevent infection to others.

Unfit for work: I disagree with this nonsense, a HBV, HC, positive person may remain healthy for decades, if proper care is take, and same is with HIV positive person, they may not show symptoms of AIDS as long as 15-20 years.

T.B, yes, this is some thing which is called, it spreads through droplet infection, person with TB should not be allowed to work until treated, and now a day there is 100% successful treatment for it.

In case if person is found to have progressive sings of AIDS, or TB, or Hepatitis, and it seems the health of person is deteriorating, in such case person should be stooped from working but should not be expelled from country in hurry, he should be given time to finalize his commitments and then voluntarily leave the country. Deportation or arrest should be adopted as last repost to failure of compliance.

If some one gets infected in UAE, then who is responsible for that? Who will stop theses dancers who come on visitor visa for 1 month to 3 months and dance dine and sex in clubs?
Who is responsible for when a poor labors gets T.B due crowded living in labor camps and they work under scorching beams of sun at 45-50C.
Isn’t that violation of labor laws?

Well. I am optimistic that Shaikh Muhammad is very wise man and he might be thinking to over come to this basic human rights issue.

Joann L said...

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dyangelo said...

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Test Interpretation: Positive result of the test will render the individual unfit to work in Dubai, U.A.E. did you knew that ? one more thing Viagra Online its the cure to ED did you knew that .John B. Barnhart

Leviana said...

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AD said...

Hi B D,

I also would like to share a bad experience I had, well I had no idea of the medical requirements of UAE government. I got deported for being Hepatitis B positive. Well I am born with this virus. I am not transmitting it as both my wife and son are negative. I trust they are at the biggest risk but both have remained negative for more than 11 yrs. I also was in a type of job which had no risk of transmission. I was working for a Polymer manufacturing firm. Well no one insults you but definetly the deportation process in UAE makes you feel like a criminal. I sincerely wish UAE government has a serious look at this law. Hepatitis B vaccination is available cheaply across the world, thus it can be controlled. It does not require a draconian law such as these for an upward looking country like UAE. I wish that the law changes for good and I may be able to work out there very soon.

Best wishes for all


Anonymous said...

I am a senior American executive of Arab origin and was working in the UAE for several years for when one day after attempting to renew my visa and giving my blood samples, I was dragged out of my workplace by uniformed police, humiliated in front of my colleagues taken to prison, shackled and forced to wear a prison uniform. My US passport was seized and I was given no explanation. I was not allowed to use a phone or contact anyone. I remain shackled and slept in chains around my ankles that night first. 24 hours later after I asked other inmates of the prison and some sympathetic jail wardens what this jail was for and no one had told me why I was arrested; they informed me to my total and absolute SHOCK I was in the jail for people with "AIDS". I managed to borrow one of the guard's mobile phones and called the US Embassy for help. They told me they were very sorry but there was nothign they could do.

After 72 hours of rotting in jail shackled at the ankles like a criminal a few men in Emirati national dress came to finger print me and take my mug shot. I asked them for more information or explanation. None was given.
A few days later I was told I would be deported and my employer would pay for the ticket. I had to sign my resignation letter and I would be taken to an airport jail until time to board my flight and my passport would be returned to me.

At 1 am a few men came to take me into a secure, iron bar van. I was taken tot he airport, they scanned me eyes to make sure I could never return, my visa was canceled and I was put on a flight out of the UAE.

This is how it works. I appreciate you writing this blog and I hope to increase awareness of these atrocious human rights abuses which are allowed to be perpetrated against residents of the UAE. No one is exempt not Americans nor Europeans.

As a footnote, I am also now a "real" criminal because since I was deported and no longer able to work in the UAE (or even given a chance to sort out my financial affairs), I was not able to pay my debts (car loan and credit card bills and even mortgages on UAE property I had invested in).
I now owe tens of thousands of dollars to UAE banks as I still havent found a new job and unable to return to the UAE to repay my debts.

This policy damages people, societies and the economy of the UAE.

B.D. said...

Thank you for sharing the above account. It is truly tragic. You give us a real life account of what may otherwise seem just theoretical. It confirms my fears that an HIV positive result (even if it is in error I expect) is tantamount to the end of one's life in the UAE, and as you describe has serious repercussions on one's life even after banishment.

I think one important and tragic message your story conveys is that when this happens to "you"--whoever it may be--you are completely and utterly alone.

Then, the idea that one's own government would help them must seem like the cruelest of jokes.

The "legal-justice" system anywhere in the world seems fraught with injustice, but in this country it seems no less a travesty than even the most backward places on this planet.

I personally have little faith that there is even the hint of justice here when the authorities get involved. One would fare much better if one's fate could be determined by a roll of the dice.

Anonymous said...

I was very saddened by some accounts here as a friend of one of my workmates is going through this very thing and is due to be deported. Although I am very careful, it is something that I have at the back of my mind, and now my visa is up for renewal I start to think about it more. I noticed that a place in Al Ghusais called Zack medical centre advertises they do confidential HIV testing. Is this the case? People seem to think its a trap of some sort. While I wouldn't like to believe it was such a thing, after reading the above I am not so sure. I need some peace of mind. My heart breaks for what has happened to the people here.

Anonymous said...

Hi! So glad I found this blog. I too am a victim of the UAE policy on HIV for non nationals. HIV is a disease I contracted in the UAE through my own cavalier approach to life and carelessness and I fully accept that. What I do have a problem with is the following. 1. The person I got this disease from is a UAE National and is probably infecting other people. 2. I had worked in the UAE for a number of years without incurring as much as a parking fine, but as soon as the authorities detected HIV in my blood I was treated in the most draconian manner! It didn't matter if I'd infringed every law since my arrival or lived on the right side of the law. No questions were asked, no sympathy shown. My life as I knew it was wrenched apart, my dignity was thrown to the wind and I had no rights. I don't want to describe my last days in the UAE. Lets say they were harrowing, demeaning, frightening, unnecessary, brutal and utterly degrading. I always knew I lived in a country full of contradictions, without human rights or respect for humanity, but it wasn't until I experienced it personally that it HIT HOME! To suddenly 'become a criminal' is very frightening for a person who has never erred on wrong side of the law. I now live happily and healthily in a country which doesn't deport hard working people for a disease which is not contagious and is only communicable in ways we all know! I wish the rulers of the UAE all the bad karma they deserve!

marico said...

i think we should have contact to each other to undrestand better what was happend to us .....i dunt know wich way we can be contacted by each other...!

B.D. said...

If you would like to be in contact with each other send me your email contact and I can pass it on to each of you... upandhi@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

IMHO, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and the UAE Health Ministry in general, should also take this into consideration specially when the involved person has (medical) proof that he/she has undergone medication and is already a TREATED case.
As all doctors know, once a person contacts TB, eventhough it is treated, “scars” would remain in the lungs forever and could ALWAYS be seen/detected in medical examinations (x-rays).
As in my case, I was diagnosed to have TB in 1996, and as advised by a certified/accredited Pulmonologist, I underwent medication for a year. Eventually I was treated and was able to work since 1997 until present. I undergo ANNUAL Physical Medical Examination (including x-ray as well as SPUTUM Exam) as required by the Company where I work for, and for all those times, I was given the “fit-to-work” clearance by certified/accredited Pulmonologist. Also, I was married by year 2000 to my wife who, after 10 years of being together & blessed with 2 children is now working in Al Ain, UAE. As “standard operating procedure” (SOP), she underwent medical examination (which she PASSED, meaning no illness whatsoever was found) prior to processing of her Residence Visa. When she got her residence visa, she then requested for residence visa for me (husband) and our 2 children. When we came to UAE, I underwent (SOP) medical examination prior to processing of my residence visa only to be told, when x-ray result came out, that I have to be deported due to TB as this was the law in UAE. Case-in-point: why not GIVE OPPORTUNITY to persons like me, with TREATED TB, to be able to have our medical case REVIEWED by the Health Ministry/Authority and be given the CHANCE to present our medical credentials prior to deciding if we should be deported or not. Also, isn’t it that if my TB case was “active”, my wife could have already contacted it as well this point in time? It already pains me that I have contacted this disease but it is all the more depressing/demoralizing when my situation is being judged falsely. All i’m pointing-out is EQUALITY for expatriates, specially those whose family relatives are already working in the UAE, for their immediate family to be able to live with them and not be separated due to a “biased” point-of-view.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information about HIV in Dubai. I've just been invited to work in a hotel there. As I am HIV+ I started to look for treatments information and ended up here in this site.
I am shocked with I read about how they deport HIV+'s.
That's not human!
I will never go there!

courts said...

is there anybody who could in the UK work as a professional, or first hand experience person, as paid (unreported) witness to mistreatment with HIV, in the UAE, if you can please contact courtofappeal@live.com, where i will arrange to contact you directly. this could help with current UK legislation.

courts said...

look forward to hearing from anybody

Soft Cialis said...

this is one of the most common problem in our society, the discrimination against people who suffer this terrible disease, them still been human being, we must treat them with the same respect.

Mark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I think that this was about the only blog or article (well, the only decent blog), on this situation.

When people move from their own country to another, they should always be aware of the local customs, procedures and laws and learn to live by them.

When the laws are inhumane, injust, and 3rd world, then that's when the international community should step in.

Homosexuality, women's rights, freedom of speech, acceptance of other religions... these are all classic comebacks in arguments against the Middle Eastern countries. Over the years certain aspects are becoming more open, and they Middle East and Islam is adapting to the 21st century, as most other countries and religions are (exception being KSA which will probably never change).

The issue of homosexuality and STD's is at the top of my mind at the moment. 3 days before Christmas, back home in the UK with my family, snow outside... sounds like a perfect Christmas right? Well I moved to Dubai 3 months ago, there was a problem with my first blood test. They didn't tell me what the problem was and I had to go for a second test. After worrying for weeks that I had hepatitis, or chlamydia, I found out that I had a 'strain' of the HIV virus, and that it was at an 'undetectable' level - neither positive or negative. I found this strange as I had a blood test a week or so before moving to Dubai and everything was clear.

I was informed by a very polite, well mannered doctor that I would have to return in 3 months to repeat the test as they would be able to tell for sure if it was +/-.

This leaves me in a situation where I am living in uncertainty and fear. Fear for losing a life I am building in Dubai, and more importantly fear that I actually have contracted HIV at such a young age. I am a gay guy (although obviously not out in Dubai), and I always practiced safe sex. There was one situation where I didn't, and I was drugged and something happened, but that is another story.

My point is that now I feel I will have to go to a sex clinic here in the UK to get piece of mind. If I am positive, then I will go back to the UAE, sell my furniture, and all the belongings from my apartment, pack my bags, resign from my job, clear my bank account, and get the hell out of the country before any of the horror story happens to me and I am arrested for being raped.

If the UK clinic finds I am negative, then this still leaves me in a difficult situation. What if the test in Dubai is different? What if they have a black mark above my name and don't want me to stay in the country as a 'unknown'. What if it was an anomaly and the last test was wrong and the hormones in my body were higher or lower than they should have been (as can happen in a small percentage of tests).

I am living in hell.

To top this, I really don't like Dubai anyway, I feel that it is completely off the radar of realism it is untrue. Life revolves around the shopping centres, there is no social interaction, little to no culture, and too many fake lebanese tits and flashy cars. Dubai is not the place for me, and maybe this unfortunate circumstance can hasten my departure from purgatory. The only positive is that I have met some amazing people, from all walks of life, all religions, all backgrounds... and I will miss these people if I have to leave. But they will be friends for life, no matter what my situation.

Thank you all for your information and tips in this blog, I have taken all the information into account... I will clear my bank account, max my credit cards, sell all my belongings and get the hell out if I test positive. A big finger up to Dubai.

Oh, and by the way... I am senior management at a large multinational if anyone wanted to know!

(and if anyone has any advice regarding my situation, please feel free to reply to this post!! thanks!!!)

Anonymous said...

hi dear , may i have your email adress ..matbe i can help you ..

Anonymous said...

it was just my first time to search for this topic on google and am surprised to see that there's a serious blog about HIV and other deportable diseases here in Dubai. Thanks to all those who have shared their insights and shed some light with regards to this very sensitive topic.
Does this only mean though that there isn't any confidential testing for HIV here in Dubai? I am kind of paranoid as i am approaching my residency renewal towards the end of the year. I know it's just the first month of 2011 but I'd like to take an action to find out whether i'm positive or negative to avoid the inhumane treatment in the end. If you are aware of any clinics which provides 100% confidentiality on HIV testing please let me know.

B.D. said...

There have been a lot of thoughtful and moving comments on this post. I regret to say, however, that even two years since my writing it nothing has changed in the UAE on this issue.

Part of the power that one has, at least, is in knowing. I hope that through this post at least some people have come to know the reality of the tragedy of being found HIV+in the UAE. This can, at least, help to prepare some for future struggles and, at best, give them even more wherewithal to take precautions when precaution is the thing that matters.

Still, I would hope to be able to continue the dialog on this topic. In addition to knowledge, dialog too can only help in a situation such as this. I have posted a follow-up post, HIV 2, where I not only continue to protest against the lack of compassion and cruelty on this issue in the UAE, but also attempt sincerely to offer a balanced perspective.

Anonymous said...

Watch out from locals (emiratie)
those ppl dont get tested !!

Anonymous said...

I was expelled from UAE, but thankfully didn't go to jail.
Lived there for three years, and not only my visa was expiring, but I got a new job for one of the major airlines, did the blood test once, and they called me to do it again. The company was great about this and was able to take me out of the country before I was imprissoned and deported. But had 24 hrs to pack and get rid of three years of my life, and a life I planned to live there for years to come.
I came to know its not only UAE with such laws, there are other countries, not as harsh, but there are. Even in the USA this law was abolished only in 2009.
Like it was said before on this report, they can let in who they want, as far as residence goes, but what happens with all the tourist visas issued? It's really imposible to keep the disease out just by penalizing people who come there for work.
This barely happened to me few weeks back, I'm still coming to terms with it. If someone had this situation it would be nice to chat.

B.D. said...

^^ Thanks for sharing that. I think it helps others to know , both those who may have or have had to face this and others who just need to hear about the risks. I've learned a lot from those who have shared on this topic. I agree with you that the biggest tragedy is having one's life turned upside down for no valid reason, and the insult to injury is knowing that this happens as a matter of government policy.

I also discovered only recently that the UAE is not alone in its harsh treatment. Unfortunately, this probably makes the government feel justified in what it is doing and will make it that much harder for us to expect any change.

People talk about getting violated in respect to sexual molestation and that sort of thing, but the state treating anyone in the manner done here for HIV infection is to my mind an even worse violation of a human being.

Good luck as you pursue a new path.

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Anonymous said...

I am awaitingnmy results. it has been over 1 week and I still haven't received word regarding the results. the number they send SMS to was my companies visa guys mobile number. any chance I am HIV+ as I haven't been informed? I am soo scared

viagra pills said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I hear there will be a pre-medical check up at the airport of Dubai soon. but not sure if it's for a people with residence visa or tourist.

Anyways, if some one has any STD like example gonorrhea will they get deported?

Anonymous said...

Is there any place in the uae where u could do an hiv test without the knowledge of the authorities?? Please advice

B.D. said...

^^ Unfortunately no--not that I have ever been able to find. This link always comes up online when investigating HIV testing in the UAE: Zack's Clinic. It seems to be a real clinic, located in Al Ghusais, Dubai--I phoned them once to verify. But all indications are that their confidential testing means they will not report a negative result to anyone, but they WILL report a positive result to the government as required by law.

So what to do? I suggest you try Home Access HIV Test Kit.

You order a test kit and you receive a kit with a FedExpress return envelope. Now, this is meant for the USA market, so you would need send your completed test sample via a FedEx courier in the UAE and pay the shipping charge. It is a reliable service in that the test is carried out by a qualified US lab and you can get your results by telephone using a code number supplied with the test kit.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey B.D....Thanks for the information. Also would like to know if i would recieve this test kit without anyone finding out. Because if i were to order this kit i will have to order it at my company postal address. Just wanted to know if the secrecy will be kept also coz ill be ordering it online using my credit card.

B.D. said...

I don't think the packaging would give anything away as this as the whole point of the test kit service is to allow anonymous testing. But you may need to contact them from their contact page by email or phone in case you cannot complete the online order form. It has an entry for US state, so I am not sure how they will process international orders. Just email me if you have more questions.

Anonymous said...

Plz does anyone know how long it takes to get your results back...did d test on tuesday nd its now a week...all d stories I have read have freaked me out. Would rather leave quietly than go through any of tht

B.D. said...

Do you mean the test taken for your UAE visa? It takes only one day and you get a text message in the interim when done at a VIP center. I don't know how long it takes at the regular test centers, but it probably takes a while because of the large numbers.

Anonymous said...

for the visa medical in the abudhabi (uae) which hiv elisa generation are used?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me a recommended place for a HIV test in Dubai

Anonymous said...

there is a place in dubai to make a test anonymously


i did there, i was positive, they never inform the government as soon as they don't make the confirmation test (western blot), the just called me, inform i was hiv+ and asked me to make a western blot test to confirm, what i did in my country. i m back in dubai , the problem is now to pass the custom with my treatment in 3 month
take care

B.D. said...

^^ Thank you for this helpful comment. Can you tell us a little more? After you got the news from the clinic, how do you know that police or CID didn't try to contact you? Did you leave the country immediately?

Anonymous said...

I left the country 2 days after.
now i m back after 2 weeks in my own country
i don t work here, i have a tourist visa
i ll start a treatment in 2months in my country, then i ll be back , but the question is how to bring my treatment with me ?

B.D. said...

You will need to get tested here whenever you apply for a resident visa. Otherwise you will have to stick with a tourist visa and just make multiple trips in and out of the country. At least your know your status and you can make suitable plans in your own time. It's too bad not to have a comfortable option to remain in the UAE, but at least you avoided the trauma of being treated like a criminal. I have to say you did well and may give hope to others.

Anonymous said...

in fact in live here with a tourist visa for now 3 years
it s ok like this, i don't work
At the std clinic the doctor called me to let me know that if he makes the second test (western blot ) he ll tell the government the result coz i has to do it by law
that why he told me to do it in my country
i ll ask to my embassy if they can help to bring my treatment here by diplomatic bag
ps i had the result at 5pm for a appointment at 9am

B.D. said...

^^ Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I believe this will help a lot of people. I wish you all the best in getting your treatment and hope you will still be able to spend as much time as you like in this country. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

ive been here in the UAE for 6 years, (away from my own country for 20) original residence visa and first renewal went through with no problems at all,
now ive just been tested for my current renewal as my visa expires in 4 weeks and have been called back for a further test which will be sent to the USA as there was some irregular result with the hiv test, neither positive or negative.
this test will take 2 weeks, so for 2 weeks im sitting here fretting that a) ive contracted hiv and b) in 2 weeks im gonna get deported back to my country which i havent even visited in 20 years.
on top of this i cant find any information re what i do with my possesions here, ie, car, furniture etc, do i sell them now just in case im positive but then if im negative have to rebuy everything again, or do i hold for the results but going by what im reading here ill be locked up and deported with out the time to sort things out after the results, do i just loose everything or is there a way i can ship my possesions and sell my car from overseas.
whatever the results i can live with, but the not knowing and also not knowing what to do or what will happen is a nightmare,
then theres my fiancee, who is from another country but also resident in UAE whos just last week passed her test, now i dont want to sleep with her just in case im infected, but am so lost as to where we go from here knowing that we wont have time to arrange visas for either one of us to move to the others country if we decide to stay together.
the UAE really needs to look into at least allowing people some time to sort their lives out after recieving results, I'm ok with them having laws which protect thier country from disease but surely they can at least let a person sort out their situation before they deport them.

B.D. said...

Does your fiance know about your dilemma, and if so then at least you have this moral support. Then also, could you not transfer ownership of your car, at least, to your fiance as a first step. Your other possessions could be sold later if worse came to worse. To avoid any risk of arrest and deportation, wouldn't it be in your interest to leave the country before the 2 weeks are up? As tragic as your predicament seems, I suppose a 2-week window is better than the shock of immediate arrest and deportation. Again, if you can get the moral support of a confidant here, then that I think will be the most helpful thing for you now.

Anonymous said...

yep she knows, not something any reasonable person could keep from someone that may also be at risk, she just passed her test so seems shes not been infected or if she has its not detectable at the moment.
think i will pass the car over and then hold out for the verdict, guess if im going doesnt relly matter how i leave, may as well hold out and enjoy the last few weeks here, leave with some more great memories of what has been a great place to live.
have loved it here, dont want to run away, rather hold out, if they do deport at least i get a free ticket lol.
by the way, thanks for this blog, has been a great read to help get my head around the situation im in

Anonymous said...

dear friend , i might can help you just email me please ...

Anonymous said...

well im the poster of the 16th march,
got my tests back, trace positive, and then the roller coaster started as sort of expected after reading all the posts.
was escorted after 2 hours by security to a waiting car where i was driven to banyas to be held in ward5, ( they call it a hospital but is staffed by police and surrounded by barbed wire fencing and high walls.
was placed in a dormitary room with 10 beds whilst my visa was to be cancelled and then to be deported.
there was no access to the internet and no public phone (yes could keep my mobile but hadnt thought to take a charger to the medical)
stayed they for 3 days then at midnight on the 3rd was picked up in a police cage van and driven to the airport for my deportation, when we got there imigration couldnt cancel my visa as my car had picked up a parking fine whilst i was in the detention centre, as this was active had to be paid but could not be done at the imigration only muroor police station.
taken back to the detention again, where they wouldnt accept me because there was no admission paper, the 2 police with me in the van spent over an hour on the phone trying to get the paper required, but informed me of nothing, then drove to a very remote police station to collect thier bags and a car as thier shift had finished,
they then drove me back to the detention centre again where i waited in the van for another hour while they awaited a fax to allow them to drop me there.
next day a demand for the fine was paid by me and at midnight on the 4th night i was finally allowed to leave, minus my car registration and key which they never returned.
today am back in the uk, a little lost, with everything i own minus a small bag of clothes still locked in auh, my salery has yet to be paid, my bank account has been frozen due to the visa cancellation, (the bank are saying i have to come in person to the branch to close it, but repeated explanations of not allowed in country are getting me no where)
so rather than worry about it all am off to the pub to watch the football while i await some proper results in the uk.
whilst the whole situation has been a nightmare, its also been an experience, and im still gratefull, there is 1 poor emiratee chap in ward5 banyas called nasier, hes been locked up there for 13 years since he was 18. gets no visitors at all as his family and friends disowned him, got no chance ever of being released, yet hes still got a great outlook on things, was an inspiration that whatever happens, look forward and make the most.
thanks for the great post, was the best sorce of information i obtained whilst waiting.

B.D. said...

^^Your narration is Kafkaesque--and thank you for sharing this follow up. I have so many thoughts on reading it.

(1)The redemptive moment in it all seems to be when you resolved to have a beer and view the football. That was the best response to this absurdity.
(2)The bureaucracy is the ultimate absurdity. The urgent need to deport you is trumped by the necessity of paying a parking fine, incurred as a result of the deportation process itself.
(3)What great irony there is in that the tragedy is not in learning of the possibility of HIV infection but in being set upon by a gov't set on doing the senseless things that gov'ts do.
(4)Finally, a teachable moment emerges in the story of the Emirati incarcerated for 13 years but being able to rise above it all with a "one must make the best of his circumstances" attitude.

I wish to thank you very much for sharing this with the readers of these posts on the HIV scandal in the UAE.

Fair and Clear said...

I would like to take this chance to tahnk all of you, specially those who did share thier story with us in this plog. However when i was reading all these stories really my heart was bleeding. As a muslim i was shocked, how on earth an Islamic country does treat a human being? These people never been given a chance to deal with shock of being positive with such horrible disease, yet they been forced to change thier whole live,,,,, Oh ALLAH your mercy. I'm HIV positive and i'm on medication too just been graduated as Biometric Engineer and found job in ABU DHABI with huge salary and many benefits too, i was aware of there policy " Deporting if tested HIV Positive",,,,, but wanted to find out if there is away i can avoid any blood test in the renwal of my residency? or if there is a way with medical test but with the exception of the boold test?

B.D. said...

I don't know (and doubt) that there is a way to get your residency visa while avoiding the blood test. It seems the main reason for requiring this test is to screen for HIV, although there are a few other things that they also look for. Perhaps someone in the medical community here might see your comment and offer a solution. The only work-around I can imagine is if you could take the job as a visiting specialist and therefore not be in need of residency. People are contracted from overseas to carry out business functions sometimes, but that would mean you would have to already be established in your field somewhere else.

I can only see three ways that the anti-HIV policies might change in the UAE. 1) If there were a lot of international pressure. HIV/AIDS however is no longer the big headlining concern it once was. 2) If there were a public movement within the UAE to get change. But the only public movement directed toward the gov't I have ever seen here was for improvement of conditions for laborers. This could only happen because of the power of numbers--laborers being perhaps 50% of the resident population at times. 3) If the kings as it were personally moved by some happenstance.

nitin said...


Interestung the topic it is as i am going through the similar kind of situation right now in uae where my wife is medically tested unfit due to some old scar of on the lungs (suspected old tb) and no active diseases..Govt senior Doc also says then no danger to anyone and no medication required,...This is really very depressing in a way which leads to separation of a six month old child and the wife from his husband. This law are inhuman and create agony to the human mind...

B.D. said...

Thanks Nitin... yes it isn't just HIV as there are a few other medical conditions which are treated as though the infected person is a criminal. As you have mentioned, even conditions which are healed or pose no threat at all to the public are targetted. I really hope this unfair treatment of people in the UAE will end soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
i had posted a comment in end of 2011 here. I was in Dubai and had a positive result. I m back in my country, i have a treatment (4 pills a day). Everything is ok.
My specialist told me not to be afraid as being positive nowadays here very different than in 80's. If you have a positive screening you have to meet a specialist and you will have a treatment as soon as possible. Then if you take your treatment you ll have a normal life. I decide not to tell to friend and family my situation cause the worth thing to be positive is the reaction of people and not the F.... virus. So make a screening guys and girls then ask for a treatment as soon as possible if positive. Manby specialist say that if you follow your treatment you ll have a normal life as a negative person.
Take care

Anonymous said...

I worked here for 2 1/2 years and my company closed causing them to cancel my visa. I had sex and had symptoms of hiv and am afraid to go for a check up bcoz i might be hiv+ and afraid they might lock me up and get deported. I found a new job but am having problem going to the medical. This is really a nightmare. After reading all the blogs, I never been relaxed and can't sleep everyday in Dubai. Dunno what to do.

B.D. said...

I think HIV "symptoms" are not very clearly defined, so what you may consider symptoms may not be at all. I would suggest you relax and not jump to conclusions. You can either go through the gov't process and just prepare yourself in case you are forced to leave the country--i.e. take care of any loose ends. Otherwise, you could travel outside the country for a few days if you have your passport to take a test elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

hey i am stayin in dubai i had sex with a sex worker this exposure was about 20 days befr today i did an hiv test ( hiv 1 , hiv 2 )AB antibody blood test i mean a hiv test in a clinic in dubai and it is negative but i am still worried coz of the exposure do u think a 21 or 20 day to exposure test is conclusive and now i dont need to worry or can it change please reply and help

B.D. said...

You might check online for the standard window for reliable testing. I found this at one link: HIV tests may miss some infections, resulting in false-negative tests. This often occurs soon after infection when antibodies are just starting to form and are at a level too low to be detected (within ~four weeks of infection). That suggests you'll get a more reliable result after 4-weeks from suspected infection.

You might check a reliable website like this one: WebMD. Get your final test taken after the window so you'll have complete certainty. The tendency for many people is to worry endlessly, even after getting negative results. Don't allow yourself to worry unnecessarily. Good luck.

pommysteve said...

hi am the guy who posted on 16th march again,

quick update just to show life goes on, new doors open etc,

Am now managing a fantastic riverside restaurant and bar in uk, been one hell of a ride since i was deported, never got my bank sorted or my car back, but, now i have a new account and a new (not as glamarous yet) car.
lifes good,

this blog really helped me in some ways back then and to the author i say thanks,

its been 6 months since i got the news and deported and if any one else is in that situation, wants to chat, get some perspective of what to expect id be willing to share my experience
my email is pommysteve@hotmail.com

most importantly it isnt the end, the only thing thats changed is your scenery and your circle of friends,
theres a lot of scenery out there and a lot of friends you havent met yet

Anonymous said...

Hi people.

I need to know,I've seen STD test for confidential and convenience ZACK MEDICAL CENTER Al-qusais.Is that is believable?

Anybody who have test their status right there?

please let me know dear friends..

wish u all the best for u r life..

B.D. said...

Dear Readers, please find below a long comment in its entirety from a reader of the blog who hopes his present, ongoing predicament may benefit others to know about. It is quite long, but worth reviewing, and you'll also find some details about Zack Medical Center testing.

B.D. said...

Reader's comment:

After reading the blogs here I got scared because of who Iam in the past which I have completely changed after a series of misfortunes and finally allowing the Lord to enter my my life.

I am sharing this experience so that I would be of great help to those who are suspecting they have HIV or was diagnosed (here in UAE) with HIV.

I went here last June 9, 2012 thru visit visa sponsored by my brother.

Left my blooming career at my homeland for greener pasture for the future of my family. I was happy on my profession but not on the financial condition of my family who are struggling to cope up with our small business.

I was excited going here as I have heard a lot of great stories about this country. I was full of hope of getting a job here as a Recruitment practitioner since I was an Assistant Recruitment Manager from my last employer at my homeland.

For the entire June I applied to many companies via online and even went for walk in interviews as posted by some companies via newspapers but to my surprise there was alot of my fellow Filipino citizens who was also looking for a job, some were looking for a job for almost 3 months while others was also on visit visa.

After a month of job hunting and walk in interviews enduring the scourging heat of the sun, no company gave me a chance to join their workforce.

I asked myself why can a candidate like me with years of experience in HR and full of great values with bachelors degree cannot even get a job in an international arena.

I became depressed and I was told by my brother that it will be harder to find a job when Ramadan starts.

Two days before the expiration of my visit visa I got a job at Abu Dhabi I grabbed the opportunity just to have a working visa even though the salary was way lesser to what I was getting from my homeland plus the job role was completely not my line.

I relocated to Abu Dhabi and felt the homesickness and did a lot of major adjustment as a first time expat.

I was starting to get comfortable in this country not until I found out that employment medical test here includes HIV test. Then I research and read the experiences of the expats who had the same fate.

On August 27, 2012 after getting my pay I went to Zack Medical Center just to make sure since my company has not yet advise me to undergo the employment medical test.

By doing this I would be able to avoid public embarrassment and discrimination.

The clinic was indeed clean and not crowded and the staff was very professional.

After the test which I took in the morning I waited at Dubai Mall the whole day waiting for my judgement.

While sitting at Starbucks emotionally bothered my phone rang answered it and the doctor told me that there was a problem on my blood and I need to get a confirmatory test from my homeland and told me that i can still have a normal life if an immediate attention will be given.

The feeling was so depressing all my dreams was shattered and I kept on thinking about the future of my family. I was trying to hold back my tears as I was in a mall with no one to comfort me. I called my brother and told him and he was supportive.

The following day I called my mom cried and told her and she was supportive and asked me to go home immediately.

I book a one way flight to my homeland without asking permission from my employer.

My family was already preparing for my return and they are very supportive.

B.D. said...

Reader's comment continued:

Come Aug 31, 2012 at Dubai Terminal 1 upon reaching the passport control my night mare started ,the immigration offloaded me because according to them i dont have a resident visa stamp in my passport. I was sent to the Immigration office, I told them I was on emergency leave, the immigration officer was so harsh and did not even explained to me the reason why. I kept on asking for explanation and what are my option but he shouted on me and took my boarding pass and ripped it off in front of my face and told me to exit the passport control area. Even though i was already polite I was still treated unprofessionally and I dont deserve that kind of treatment.

Now I'm looking on two option as suggested by my close friends:

1. Disclose my true illness to my employer and face possible office gossip if my condition will be disclose and pay the employment bond since I have only been with the company for two months and which I don’t have enough money to pay for it.

2. Go to a government hospital and be tested and face deportation.

If only my company was fast in processing my visa the resident visa stamp should have been pasted on my passport and I should have not experience that traumatic encounter with the immigration officers.

Today I will be deciding which option as I have no other option to take.

I will be posting another one once I surpass this challenge so that my experience could be of great help to others.

Now I am praying that I wont face any traumatic experience and reach my homeland the soonest possible time.

With God Nothing is Impossible...

Last thoughts, in a first world country like this it is ironic that they dont have the willingness to contribute to the world like funded health research aiming for cure for this pandemic illness. UAE seems to be more of boasting their pride that they can build monumental infrastructures and be the tallest, the first, the advance or what so ever but when it comes to broad perspective in saving humanity it seems that in my opinion they only care about their own. Thats why for me it is possible in the future that when a pandemic illness strikes UAE they are not prepared because if for HIV they are avoiding it without even having the initiative to conduct research for cure then what more for new pandemic illness in the future. Another question: Where is their concern to humanity and most especially to their own people when they know for a fact that HIV cases in UAE is rising so why avoid it when they have so much fund to build infrastructures but for health research they don’t show any effort at all.
They value tourism as income for the country but they are strict on tourist and expats with HIV and still kept on boasting to the world their mega infrastructures. Why attract tourist and other nationalities to work here when they know for a fact that HIV and AIDS is pandemic therefore their methodology of safe guarding their citizen, valuing tourism and getting expats as their workforce for their very small local populations seems to be clashing and not blending very well.

Anonymous said...

How accurate are the HIV tests done by the medical centre's in UAE which is required for a visa? Is it possible that citizens of western countries do have the blood taken but the test is never followed through by the medical staff as they see westerners as a low-risk group?

Anonymous said...

This story happened after being tested in the UAE by 3 months.
I’m a kind of a person who is somewhat conservative, mindful, managing the matters most perfectly, and i have had a good happy life.
Oneday the shock came, hearing that a very close friend of mine has been infected.
That day of course as anyone would do, I could not stop thinking of what if it was in me too. Then I made many researches about a secret “confidential” clinic to make my test in, until i found out that I better do it in some another country.
In about two months later, I have made my travel for my purpose and came back to UAE in two days discovering that what i was scared about has came true.
Nowadays, it has been about a year and I’m still in UAE struggling to find out a solution to my situation but nothing much so far. Knowing that I managed it to meet a speciallist doctor in another X country and have bought the most proper treatment i could reach. – That was after being cheated twice (another long story).
I am a bit relaxed knowing that i can find a place to buy the treatment from, but my problem now is I’m still stuck and no safe place to go to.
I can not go to my homeland which is in a terrifying situation and could not provide me a secure place and/or a right treatment.
Also, I can not afford the huge expenses of returning to the same X country i bought the treatment from and stay there for long (the treatment was expensive by the way).
Else, and the main difficult problem is that I can not freely move and travel because of my middle eastern passport.
For now, no much time left to me in the UAE until renewing my resident visa, and I’m living my life day by day trying to find something out for my salvation.
I can write a whole book about the details that happened to me since discovering my status until reaching to this site but i don’t want to prolong it more.
In fact, I am writing this letter to all readers in hope to find someone that can come out with a good helpful idea or who can give an appreciated help of any kind.
P.S. There is no creature on earth knows about my situation except the doctor who described me the treatment and the infected close friend of mine, And I am not in a position to let any close people to know.
I would really appreciate any kid of help or opinion.
You can email me to: adamhilton150@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I had drunk unprotected sex with a sex worker in Dubai nearly 3 months ago. Over the last month or so, I've been developing symptoms which I suspect might be related to HIV (diarrhea, fever, cold, head aches, etc). I live here on a resident visa and was born here. Basically, all my life.
My visa expires in May and I don't want to risk the renewal mandatory test for fear of being jailed and deported. I am from India but I'm not sure I wan't to make a visit to my home country to get a test just on the basis of my suspicion. Please help and advise if Zaks Medical Center truly does keep tests anonymous even if they are positive?

B.D. said...

There has been one or more informative comment posted here which seems to have indicated that an HIV test at Zaks which results in a negative reading remains confidential, but one that results in a positive is reported as required by law. But in the case of a positive, the person tested must be re-tested for confirmation. This would be sufficient to alert the person being tested that there is high chance of having a positive result and that person could take action before being re-tested and having his results posted to the government.

Your symptoms, by the way, sound like they could indicate anything or nothing at all. Your worries may be unfounded. That said, you are likely to continue worrying anyway, until you get some definitive testing done.

Anonymous said...

Thanks B.D. for your response to my comment posted yesterday 6th March, 2013. I feel a little bit more confident to visit Zaks now and get the initial test. Also, your words can be supportive at times of uncertainty. Furthermore, do you know or has anyone commented to confirm if there are meds that one can use if found HIV positive to reduce the virus in your system dramatically and become untracable, even for a short period of time. So that if you do get tested by authorities for a UAE residence visa renewal or new application, it won't show in your tests. That way a person can buy 3 more years in the U.A.E. and continue his meds here.

B.D. said...

I haven't come across any comment from anyone with news of any way to reduce the number of antibodies which would trigger a positive on a test. I assume the test would indicate a positive even with minimal evidence of antibodies. Zaks website also mentions that there are no treatment facilities in the UAE for anyone with HIV.

It would be very helpful if anyone reading this posts could share whether they have ever managed to evade detection in the UAE testing or otherwise managed to get treatment while in country.

In any event, I think anyone with concern about his or her status should either go for testing with Zaks which would at least alert them to any risks, or get tested out of country--whichever of these two options is more practical. The peace of mind one would get if testing negative would be the best of all worlds while the forewarning one might get if testing positive would also make things a lot easier.

Good luck and hopefully all will work out well in the end.

Sage1 said...

Their country, their rules, if you don't like leave. I don't think they should put people in jail for testing positive, but I do think they should have to leave the country.

Anonymous said...

I took the test at Zack. They promise same day result by 5pm if you give blood in the morning. I got a call by nurse at 4pm that result is negative (immediately followed up by that it's "normal"). They just ask for name, age and phone number at time of test. No ID. You could give any name, no verification done. I assume if +ve they would ask you to go abroad for confirmatory test.

Anonymous said...

i am 37 years old woman, my husband cheated on me with some marrocan prostitute. i know many of them have some sort of std, since then i had horrible anxiety i am on valium now. since my resident viza was due for renewal i freaked out reading stories about what can happend if u r find to be hiv+. so today morning i went to Zack and had my blood work. the doctor and nurse were very nice and supportive. they called me back at 4.30 pm with the result, it was negative. my advise for ppl is to get tested early because anxiety can take over ur body and it's really hard to cope with it. Thank you very much for ur blog, i found a lot if info here and excuse my poor english.

Charanjeet Singh said...

My petition is in the favor of a common man who is going to visit or work in Dubai (or any gulf country) and gets cheated by their health authorities claiming that he is sick without any written certificate.
When he returns to his home country and do all necessary checkups he was found perfect certified by Asia’s biggest hospital in New Delhi, India.
This man was deported by Dubai because of their personal and outdated laws.
Thank you so much.
With Gratitude
Charanjeet Singh

Anonymous said...

What's your email? :)

Anonymous said...

is there any way to hide the results when getting tested for the work permit?

R CDNA said...
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Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian citizen who lived and worked in Abu Dhabi from 2010-2013 as a government employee. I called this place home, had a job, apartment, car, and friends and enjoyed living there.

I have been back in Canada for three months now. My nightmare began early September when I was renewing my residency visa. I found out then I was HIV +.

The doctor didn't have too, but did. Told me to get out quickly on my own. As I would be arrested, quarantined and eventually deported. Still in shock from my results, my only thought was 'I can't be arrested along with this new news....I couldn't handle it emotionally'. So I made plans to flee and somehow within 24hours, my life of three years ended.....I didn't have time to say good-bye, left belongings, basically gave away my car for quick cash and the whole time thinking at any moment they would come arrest me.

The night that plane moved back from the gate and the relief that I wasn't thrown in prison,,,,,I startied crying..... Only then realizing I was HIV+ and would be for the rest of my life. Lucky for me, Canada is a great country who helps- I'm now on anti-viral medicine and undectable.....

I still miss my life in the UAE, my friends, and can't believe that within 24 hours it was all gone! I've been reading and if I had to be working in Qatar, this would not have happened. They don't deport expats who test positive on visa renewal.

I still feel empty and used by the UAE government. I teach your children for three years and when I needed you the most- you make me flee my life in fear of arrest/prison/deportation. Shame on you UAE! At least, have the common decency to let expats get their affairs in order, say good-byes etc.......I never asked to become HIV+ and it could happen to anyone of us, so I hope you make changes, so others don't have to live the nightmare I lived those hours after being told I was HIV+!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for the doctor who apologized for his backward country, told me it wasn't a death sentence and that Canada was one of the best places to be going back too for treatment and for allowing me the opportunity to flee within 24 hours on my terms and not as others have described above .....UAE was a great place to live until something like this happens and you realize your paradise was actually hell!

Anonymous said...

Are you not replying to these anymore?

Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian citizen who lived and worked in Abu Dhabi from 2010-2013 as a government employee. I called this place home, had a job, apartment, car, and friends and enjoyed living there.

I have been back in Canada for three months now. My nightmare began early September when I was renewing my residency visa. I found out then I was HIV +.

The doctor didn't have too, but did. Told me to get out quickly on my own. As I would be arrested, quarantined and eventually deported. Still in shock from my results, my only thought was 'I can't be arrested along with this new news....I couldn't handle it emotionally'. So I made plans to flee and somehow within 24hours, my life of three years ended.....I didn't have time to say good-bye, left belongings, basically gave away my car for quick cash and the whole time thinking at any moment they would come arrest me.

The night that plane moved back from the gate and the relief that I wasn't thrown in prison,,,,,I startied crying..... Only then realizing I was HIV+ and would be for the rest of my life. Lucky for me, Canada is a great country who helps- I'm now on anti-viral medicine and undectable.....

I still miss my life in the UAE, my friends, and can't believe that within 24 hours it was all gone! I've been reading and if I had to be working in Qatar, this would not have happened. They don't deport expats who test positive on visa renewal.

I still feel empty and used by the UAE government. I teach your children for three years and when I needed you the most- you make me flee my life in fear of arrest/prison/deportation. Shame on you UAE! At least, have the common decency to let expats get their affairs in order, say good-byes etc.......I never asked to become HIV+ and it could happen to anyone of us, so I hope you make changes, so others don't have to live the nightmare I lived those hours after being told I was HIV+!

3:39 PM, November 21, 2013
Anonymous said...
I am grateful for the doctor who apologized for his backward country, told me it wasn't a death sentence and that Canada was one of the best places to be going back too for treatment and for allowing me the opportunity to flee within 24 hours on my terms and not as others have described above .....UAE was a great place to live until something like this happens and you realize your paradise was actually hell!

Anonymous said...

I just want to ask why nasier did not release for that year??is he hiv positive too??

Sajeev said...

I went to Zack Medical center for an STD test. Had promised myself that no matter what the results were, I would come back and write a review. The posts here by people helped and consoled me when I was struck with terror.

I had unprotected sex with a Nigerian sex worker in Dec 2013. Then again with a Pakistani and a Russian. Not proud of it but something I did out of foolishness. I am an able bodied man and I had needs I could not fulfil within my marriage.

In Jan 2014, I first heard of people getting jailed and deported. My visa was coming up for renewal in March the same year. I cant tell you the panic that struck me when I heard of stories of people who didnt clear the STD screening. Suddenly those acts of indiscretion didnt seem worth it.

I read online and read of Zack Medical center. I read the experiences people had there in this forum and it seemed to be safest of the riskiest options.

I went on a Saturday and parked my car far. I walked around the place first just to make sure I wasnt being followed by CIDs. I was that paranoid. I finally ducked inside the building and took the elevator to the medical center.

The center had an Indian and a Pilipino reception staff. They were friendly. They gave me a piece of paper in which I had to write my full name, age, email and mobile number. They asked me whether I wanted to be informed of the results through phone or email. I selected both options.

I was made to wait in the reception area. It was quiet and no one was around. The TV was playing an Indian channel. I was called and met the doctor. He was friendly and heard through my fears. Since my last 'encounter' with a sex worker was as recent as 3 weeks ago, he suggested that I do a predictive test too for HIV, Hepatitis B since these can be nascent in the short duration. He told me that the blood results would come the same day and the predictive test on blood and urine would come within 4 working days. I was charged AED 3500 for this.

I paid the money in cash, gave my sample and took the stairs and left the building from the backside. I took a long way back to my car. I waited in a mall the whole day. Cant tell you the terror and the shame I felt. Felt like a cheap criminal who at any moment might be picked up by the cops.

I had made up my mind that if they call me for a repeat test, that very moment I would pack up and leave the country, never to return. I didnt know how I would explain to my wife and my son any of this.

The call came at around 6 pm the same day. I didnt have the heart to take the call. I let it ring. 2 minutes later the email came. The results were negative (as in it was normal). The other two results were also emailed to me during the course of the 4 days they promised. They were all negative.

I am thankful I was lucky. But I will never forget how cheap I felt when I was going through the tests and the horrifying hours I spent waiting for the test results. Each phone call or email could have been a death sentence for my life in Dubai and my marital life.

All this happened 3 weeks ago. I still am paranoid and keep looking over my shoulder to see if someone is following me. I dont know whether they would have reported to the authorities if the results were positive and I had HIV or Hepatitis B. But this I can tell from my experience, if the results are negative (as in it is normal), then they will not report you.

All I can say to my fellow travellers is that you must resist. If you cant, then please use protection and do not have oral sex. The doctor specifically asked me whether I had oral sex and his had fallen a bit when I said I did. And please please get a Hepatitis B vaccination.

I will come back and update you guys, no matter what happens, in case there is any change in situation or if I hear of any other feedback about Zack. God bless those brave folks who run the medical center and for all of you for taking time to share your views. Keeps my faith in humanity alive.

B.D. said...

A BIG THANK YOU Sajeev for this post. I think anyone on this site who reads it will gain some valuable insight into what is a very difficult reality in the UAE. I commend you for your openness in sharing this. There are a lot of points you raise which I could comment on--but I'll limit myself to one to remain brief. A salient point you make concerns mistakes you made in sexual relationships. I think this is such a valuable thing to share in the sense that we ALL make mistakes in life (often the exact same kind you talked about). Whether the consequences of our mistakes are minor or grave, the fact is we are all only human and deserve understanding and compassion. I say to you, Sajeev, no fault can ever be placed on you for simply being human--and this is what your story illustrates. In fact, you have already proven yourself above the cut by sharing your story with others in the hope that it might help them. Thank you and good luck.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your response. I had similar experience with Zach and was tested negative. However for some reason I cannot make up the mind to believe the results. The thought keeps coming up in my mind whether they have tampered with the results or whether the clinic they are affiliated to do are missing around with the results. This is because if they get a positive result they are bound by law to report. To avoid this could they have just said that I am negative? Probably it's my mind playing games with me. How can I know? The only way is to go another clinic and carry out a second confirmatory test. But no one else does the test like they do anonymously. I'm paranoid that if I go somewhere what if I am in fact positive and get deported?

I am sick worried.

B.D. said...

^^ Don't worry. No reason at all to believe these test results are not reliable. It IS your mind playing games with you... and your mind will continue doing so for some time, albeit with less and less frequency as time goes by. So, breathe ease and move on to the next important decision in your life!

Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks B.D. for all the information and enlightenment.
Yes, after having almost all the posts, I decided to try home hiv test. But is it okay to order such kit online and have it delivered to UAE? I'm just afraid that even this will cause some problems...

Anonymous said...

Hi.. 2 days ago i had sex with a prostitute(used condom, not teared). With in 1 minute, everything completed.. After that incident, I can't sleep, eat. I m always searching in net about this..

Now i am in visit visa, also i got a job. They said, they can change my visit visa to employment visa here itself..

I gave my certificate to attest it.. It will take atleast 20 days to be processed. After that I have to clear medical here.. Now I am in big fear about whether I may affected by HIV

I can't tell it to anybody and I am totally depressed.. What can I do now?

Anonymous said...

Folks.. Whoever carries out a test at Zach medical centre I suggest that you take a second confirmatory test somewhere else as all tests done at Zach come as negative.. Sajeev... Do you really think that after having three unprotected exposures to prostitutes from various countries you are still negative... Please consider having a test from outside also as Zach cannot give a positive test... They mention negative no matter what hiv test you do...

This is just a word of advice..

Anonymous said...


I had negetive results twice from Zack clinic but i think they just charge u money with fake results

Can u help us with ur new post and news

Anonymous said...

Any guy had hiv+ from zack clinic plzz

I had test there and it was negative but iam still worried, how come they can test hiv and it is banned by the law for private clinics

Guys i am suffering for 3 months plzzzzzz help so i can have piece of mind

Anonymous said...

Do u now some cases had - trsults but tested some where else and turned + or r u making us to worry more and more

Anonymous said...

Anyone relieved from his issue wont come back for feedback so you have to suffer

Anonymous said...

I have been having foolish paid sex with prostitutes and now horrified with the medical test that I'm having to undergo
I went to zack and got negative for STD although I didn't have the guts to test for HIV
I am spending sleepless nights with poor health , worries and no solution. As I do not know if I hv to test with zack for HIv or not and how reliable are the results if at all they are going to say negative also
Secondly I am not prepared to go through any of the UAE harsh laws and roughing up any of our friends have gone with all the agony
I'm afraid and helpless

B.D. said...

For your own peace of mind you should consult Zack's again and ask them to advise on the best time to take an HIV test as there is a "window" when the virus may not be detected in tests. Then, follow up on their advice, take the test, be confident in the result they provide you and then you'll be able to breathe easily again. The only thing to fear is uncertainty, so I really suggest you follow my suggestion to get some clarity. I hope for the best result for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi B D,
I feel relieved I am not the only one who is upset about this and finds it extremely unfair.
Only last week I had to say goodbye to my best friend.
He was due for a medical, and after 2 days was asked to retest.
They nurse in the medical center took him to a room, with a bed, a side table, a window with burglarbars, a bathroom with a shower - no curtain, a baisin, and a toilet - no toiletpaper. He told my friend to have a seat and be comfortable.
He was taken there with NO idea what was going on and no one interested to explain anything to him. He got his 3 meals a day and was left there with his own thoughts, and a security guard outside the door.
He phoned me in a state, asking me to visit him in this excuse of a medical center.
He gave me his house key, and bank card....told me pack up everything asap and withdraw all his money and send it home. I did, and it was possibly the most difficult thing I had to do in my life.
All done, on his last day, after being kept for 10 days, he had to leave.
In the 10 days that my dear friend spent in this medical center, he was not allowed outside into the yard once. He looked tired, frustated, and already lost weight due to worrying..."who will take care of his family", "what will he do now", "how will he tell his family", "why doesn't anybody want to tell me what's happening".... On his last day, when I went to visit him and to say goodbye, I brought some treats, that's when he showed me the result of the 2nd test. Printed on a simple page with no DHA logo, no Dr's signature, and with fading ink - is that even an official document?
When he was picked up - mind you 3 hours late - the mini bus had a burglerbar devider between the backseat and the driver, with a camera, to keep a close eye on the passanger, and naturally deeply tinted windows.
I couldn't believe that a kindhearted, friendly, amazing friend, and excellent colleague could be treated like that.
I broke my heart, and truely I struggle very much to come to terms with this.

Dubai care - .....about who - themselves only!
Donating to underpriveledged in foreign countries and advertising it on tv - .....take care of US, the expats more, we do all the work here - without the UAE'S expats, this country wouldn't be where it is today - there is something to think about!

B.D. said...

Very sorry to hear about your friend's traumatic experience. I agree that it's a real stain on Dubai and is illogical as Dubai promotes itself as a health care destination. It is time for Dubai to show charity in it's own house--the expats who live and work here are as much part of this country as anyone else. Thank you for sharing your friend's story. At least he had you to help him pick up some of the pieces. Expatriates should at a minimum be given the space and time to take care of their affairs before being forced to leave their lives here.

Anonymous said...

Are you confident of the test results from Zach? How do u think only they have the luxury of carrying out anonymous tests? When rest of the country the clinics cannot do it. They are minting money everyday. How many people are there who got news from Zach that they are positive..?...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any feedback on Zach please.... Can it be trusted... The results from that clinic?... Are they taking advantage of our vulnerability and making us hear what we want to hear.... Saying that we are negative... And charging us for it??... How can we be sure...

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone... I can see confirm the case with Zach Std clinic... They do not give the right results... They are going the results... I know of a case that they have done so.. He was given negative results at zach... When he tested in India.. He was found as positive.. For everyone's sake... Please stay away from Zach std clinic... If you want to test for hiv please go abroad.. Not in this clinic..

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone... I can see confirm the case with Zach Std clinic... They do not give the right results... They are going the results... I know of a case that they have done so.. He was given negative results at zach... When he tested in India.. He was found as positive.. For everyone's sake... Please stay away from Zach std clinic... If you want to test for hiv please go abroad.. Not in this clinic..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sajeev. As stated by you, your visa renewal was due in March 2014? Were your test results from Zack accurate. Did the test by Dubai authorities had any different opinion?

Anonymous said...

Sajeev.. Please get back to us... As your response would definitely bring peace to a lot of souls..

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that sajeev has been deported... Else he would have definitely gotten back... He had mentioned that he would get back... But he dint... Means something is wrong...

B.D. said...

Hello Anonymous (11:01 PM). Let's not presume that anything has happened to Sajeev. He is probably just living his life peacefully somewhere and not checking this blog.

Some people who are posting seem to have concerns about the reliability of testing at Zacks. I wish I could confirm whether or not those concerns are warranted, but I cannot as I have never visited Zacks myself. But, personally, I don't see any reason to have such concerns based on the various comments about Zacks left on this blog post. In other words, I personally don't feel there is any reason to be suspicious of Zacks.

Most importantly, it is good to consider that Zacks may be the only alternative for testing, pre-visa screening, for anyone who is unable to travel outside of the UAE to a safe country for testing. I would hope that people here would not lose that single opportunity.

Anonymous said...

For the people that are saying zach is a fraud, on what basis are you claiming this? I have tested there and was given a negative result. They sent me the report from dubai. I am asking cause I am not sure about them either. Thanks

Anonymous said...

For the people that are saying zach is a fraud, on what basis are you claiming this? I have tested there and was given a negative result. They sent me the report from a lab in dubai. I am asking cause I am not sure about them either. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I see that BD had earlier posted a readers comment about a guy who got tested and was reported positive by Zack's.

#The guy who shifted to Abu Dhabi and got himself tested while waiting at Dubai Mall.

Is that a true case? BD could you please advice. Hope Sajeev posts something soon..

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous, 11:01 PM - Did you receive the report from BioSytech Medical Laboratory? I had my partner tested from there and got a negative.
The report was undersigned by Adley Mark Fernandes, from Bio Sytech Labs...Googled him, and he is indeed a real pathologist. Is your report from the same
lab and same pathologist undersigned?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous, 11:01 PM - Did you receive the report from BioSytech Medical Laboratory? I had my partner tested from there and got a negative.
The report was undersigned by Adley Mark Fernandes, from Bio Sytech Labs...Googled him, and he is indeed a real pathologist. Is your report from the same
lab and same pathologist undersigned?

Anonymous said...

B.D.... It doesn't make sense a single clinic has access to be able to conduct anonymous testing when the whole country doesn't allow it in any of the hospitals or clinics.. You see... They cannot report positive.. Because if they do then they have to report to the authorities as well. About it.... If they do fake results.. They can easily get away with it as well.. Because who is going to shout against them... All I'm saying is not to depend on their results alone.. Because then when we go to get our medical done for residency... We could face the same date as others.. It would be better that we double check with the clinics outside the country just to be assured...

Anonymous said...

The pathologist doesn't matter.... Just because his name is on the paper and he exists... Doesn't mean he needs to out the right information in the results right?..

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is how do the staff in zack... Respond to people who are positive..??

B.D. said...

Let me provide a bit more commentary about Zacks in regards to some of the questions coming up. I'll start by saying the answers to many of the questions can be found scattered among the comments posted above, however finding those answers may not be easy. My answer now is based mostly on what I can recall from other's comments.

1)How do staff in Zacks respond to people getting tested: via sms or phone call, it seems. Of course, a negative response requires no follow-up. A positive result on an initial test results in a request to come back to the clinic for a confirmatory test. 2)How can Zacks test anonymously when presumably this is not permitted in the UAE: Zacks "anonymity" seems to mean that no information regarding the testing or testee is passed on to the government unless a confirmed positive has been established. Therefore, one's anonymity is honored in the case of a negative result and a positive result when the testee has not been retested with result of a second positive. So, perhaps it's a loophole, and definitely a "qualified" form of anonymity. 3)Are Zacks' reports reliable: Several who have commented referred to results coming from a named clinic in the UAE. So dishonest testing puts not only Zacks at risk but also those named clinics. Secondly, there have been one or two reports in comments here from people who said that they in fact received a positive result from Zacks. Thirdly, and most importantly, there would seem to be no incentive for Zacks to deliberately supply false negative results. If you look at it from simply a financial perspective, they collect more money when a client has to come in for a second confirmatory test. Also, quite fortunately, the vast majority of people who get tested would be negative unless they have clearly engaged in repeated risky behavior or have other very high risk factors. My sense is that most people getting tested here at Zacks or in the UAE in general have relatively low or very low risk factors due to the nature of the society here.

I hope this helps all those with concerns about Zacks and the testing. Best wishes to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous @ 11:22 – Yes, it certainly does not make a difference to know the pathologists name and his true existence…but it would be informative, if not conclusive to know if they are supplying the test results through one specific lab consistently instead of scattered reports from other labs as well…it would be a great help to connect the dots and probe further to make a realistic picture…maybe..

Anonymous said...

They supply reports from multiple Labs.. Biosytech is not the only one that they have got...

Anonymous said...

Any views on Manchester STD Clininc Jumeirah??

Anonymous said...

dear all your subject is really hot .and after what i've read here i just wanted to participate in your discussion specially the part regarding ZACK MEDICAL CENTER.
first of all excuse me for my bad english.hope it can be clear enough.

am a 25 years old african male who is working in one of GCC countries.and as every where here getting HIV is just a big night mare
if they catched you ..i went to dubai for a hollyday and i did the biggest mistake in my life.i did un protected sex with a sex worker there..few days later on i started gittin that feeling that i've got HIV..and maaaaaaan my life turned upside down..
after 3 weeks i decided to be a man and face the reality and do HIV TESTING .but as every one knows doing a confid test here where am i is just a dream ..no clinic will accept to do for ya and the only way is to wait for visa renewal
and if they catch you you know how it goes..
and by the way my wedding is getting closer and closer...
so i decided to go and do the test out of the country where am i right now..a searched on enternet and i found this clinic ZACK CENTER
i took my things and the first flight i was there in dubai..

the place was really nice ..people were good and the doctor was helpfull ..i asked him which test i should go for he told me (hiv duo test and HiV-1 RNA,HIV-2 RNA).i asked him for the cost he told me the price and it was kind of high.but note this (THE DOCTOR HIMSELF SUGUSTED TO NOT DO THE HIV-2 TEST ) in order to reduce the cost. and he told me HIV-2 is not that much spreaded..

but as a dispread guy i said no lets do it i want to finish this..they took the blood and my informations and i paid the money..

during 6 days all of my results were there with me through my mail.

in the end of story i just want to mention the following points :
_those people if they are only concern about money the doctor will never suggest to leave one off the tests which is so damn expensive..

-after recieving the results i noteced that all of the tests were outsourced as follow:
-the duo test were from Al ABBAR LABS.
-HIV-1 PCR RNA was from SCL lab

and all of these tests were stamped and signed from the lab itself..what i wanted to say is those three different labs are they laiers too?????

i don't think so ..since the owners are different and the management different too.no way three results from three diffirent labs would be
fake ..

-the last point is i found in one forum (medhelp) if heared about it ..a doctor named by,H. Hunter Handsfield and he is so damn famous advicing one guy to go and test there and he already had contact with ZACK MEDICAL CENTER as he mentioned in the below link :


so funally dont judge those people the are profissionals.

btw all my results were negative ..hhhh


Anonymous said...

have you tried to check in somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

Hello B. D.,

i hope you can help us. My husband is an elictrical Engineering, He has his visa since one year, He went now to Hospital to take a treatment for Hepatitis B, but i am so afraid that they will deport US. I understand Him, He Want to make a treatment but i am so afraid. Can you help me please. Do they will deport him/US?

Thank you

B.D. said...

I think Hepatitis--any strain--is no longer a deportable condition in the UAE, unlike HIV+ which is still deportable. I would suggest you do a Google search for Hepatitus B in UAE and you may find some info on this.

Anonymous said...

Hi BD,
Very well done blog and comments ! i wish i knew you before i was deported !my life would be much more better.
i was an expat in UAE since 2007, from eastern europe, and i'm an architect. during the last 7 years i was working for great companies and became a real resident in dubai. i had my car, my house, friends and a relationship.
last April, was the time to renew my visa.i went to the clinic in Karama and the next day they told me that i should go to Musannah (not sure if thats the correct typing) for 2nd test. i said ok. i was extremely confident that i cant be hiv positive, because i don't cheat on my partner since years..well..next day i went to this musannah place with my friend. they took my sample and they kept me waiting for like half an hour.then one doctor came and told me to follow him..while walking i realized that i have a guard behind me...my friend was shocked and they told him to wait here. i continued walking. we came to a building with a locked door. they opened the door and we get into a small room. horrible place. the doctor told me, well i think you know why you are here. i said do i have any disease ? i was still imagining that i might have hepatitis or TB or whatever, but not HIV. i was really so confident. afterwards, he told me it's hiv positive and they have to keep me staying in this building till the next day hopefully if my second results will reveal. i was shocked, i was like blind..you know how it would go..then they showed me my bed. it's a room that i shared with 2. a small bathroom. 3 meals a day..well, of course in the meantime i was crying, my friends visited me..etc. i couldn't sleep at night. and the next day doctors came and told me that it's confirmed that i have hiv positive.i told them ok, i really want to go out from here immediately to the airport to go home. they said no there are procedures..etc. luckily, one doctor was good and he told me if your sponsor comes here maybe we can arrange something. i called my sponsor, she came and she gave her passport to the officials. for this exchange, they allow me to go out for 1 week and then i will go to the airport myself.that was lucky. in the meantime i was asking assitance from the PRO. strangely, pro told me that if you want we can get you a visa without medical test, obviously this is something that they do confidentially. i said ok but how..etc. unfortunately, i was already taken eye scan, so they told me they cant do it anymore. but just knowing the reality shocked me. if i didnt go this place maybe i would be working there now..anyways, this last week of mine was very sad. saying goodbye to everything that i have..etc plus the trauma of being dianosed with hiv. at the end, i came back to my country. i felt relaxed. i got tested again and it's positive, well ok, but the results are good enough that i dont even need medication. so i'm fit and healthy with good people surrounding me..and furthermore, my partner didnt break up with me, instead he came to my country to live with me. now we are looking to move another country to speak english and work..i'm thinking of hong kong. maybe you know they allow hiv positive expats ? the only thing i want to say is that so many illegal things happening in dubai, you can be hiv positive and get visa, all about money. just dont get tested there if you are suspicious. i'm only feeling starnge because there's one country that i'm banned to enter. that idea makes me sick. maybe if i visit dubai for only 2 days, i will feel relieved and maybe i will never come back there again..but i can't/ thats the thing that really hurts. i'm counting the days to have this ban removed, at least to visit as tourist. that'd be fair ! because there are already so many hiv + persons living, visiting and even working there at the moment!! compared to this, i don't deserve that.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys..i neeed ur help
..i am working here in abudhabi for 7 months already..last month i send all my salary to my family and the money left to me was only enough for 1week..for the 2nd week of sept. I run out of money..because of that situation i was really in need of finacial for until next salary comes..and then 1 night i was walking in a street and one guy on a car offered me a sex with money..i was desperate and no choice..i dealed and did it..it just a small amount of money but i really need..the last week one of my colleague told us that one of our office staff in company has been deported because he got hiv possitive
..after hearing that news i felt nervous ..i search all about hiv. Symptoms and blogs.ect...i study and checked all the symptoms..i am really not shure because after 2 weeks of having a unprotected anal i got tonsil wich is happening to me every year since young..also the day after the sex i also got legs pain wich is also happens to me naturaly because i more like not to wear sleepers at home even though the floor is so cold..i am worrying of my tonsil and thinking that this is a sympton..buy last 2 months and last 5 months i also got pain tonsil..because since young my tonsil aches about twice to 3x every year but now it bodders me..im afraid but no other symtoms..its just like the hiv symptoms is very similar to regular deseas people gets..i cant stop thinking of my self my brother and sisters who needs me for their school tuition..i wish god give me more chance to work more years here until mu youngest brother finish his study and when it happes i am ready for everthing..but guys my point is im not really sure if i have this night mare...plss i neeed ur comment..i did it once because of financial problem and i dunt wanna suffer forever..tell me about your symptoms..

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I'm one of the worried well who suffered HIV Anxiety for almost a year now. Just had a medical yesterday for visa renewal here in Abu Dhabi and so far no one called me from the Medical Center for taking a retest.

Regarding on Zack Medical Center,all my transactions there was planned months before I went there and even called many times to make sure it's confidentiality. I went there for a test 3 months and 6 months post possible exposure. Take note that on the 3-month mark the results came from Biosytech Lab and on the 6-month mark the test results was from Al Abbar Laboratory. Fortunately both were negative.

I have to admit that I am an OCD type of person and I wanted to make sure about everything. And so here's the twist, 6- month mark I went to Zack for the test ( not knowing that they were also affiliated with another lab which is the Al Abbar) and I was expecting that they would send my sample to Biosytech. I want to make it clear that after Zack's I also went to Biosytech ( yep Biosytech because I called there many times and asked if they will alarm the Government if I tested positive and they said they don't) so I took another test because I was planning to compare the results from Zack and Biosytech Lab. At around 5 o'clock I was surprised that Zacks test results was from Al Abbar and not from Biosytech Lab. The good thing is both of them came negative so I was relieved from my paranioa.

On the 9-month mark post possible exposure, I took another test directly to Biosytech ( not Al Abbar because they told me that they would report my result if it turns out positive) and the result was still negative. I even became friends with the stuffs there because we had the same nationality so I tried to talk to them and gather some info about Zack and they said that Zack was legit but they advised me to come to their Lab directly to save a large amount of money since Zack's fees were too high compared to them. Take note on Zack's they have a Doctor which is specialized with STD's including HIV and he can give you some advise and information about the tests and can check the symptoms that is bothering you while Biosytech is just a plain Laboratory.

So based on my own experience and from the infos I have gathered, Zack Medical Center is legit.

So for the people who's too anxious about their results from Zack Medical Center you should stop posting negative things about them because you are freaking out the people who tested there and got accurate results. You can call the Laboratories that is written in your test results for clarification. You can even ask them what machine do they use for the test and if your test result was reliable. I did all of these because of paranoia.

And don't forget to pray. I suffered depression and anxiety for almost a year thinking I had HIV and it almost destroyed my life and the relationships I had. Mind you I only had God as a listener and he never left. I wish all the best for the people on this forum right now. God bless.

Anonymous said...

And I just want to add on about the confidentiality in Zack's. Everytime you go there for a test they ask you for your mobile, email adress and your name only. Take note, you can use any CODE NAME that you want because they are not checking your Emirates ID nor Labor Card making it a proof that they are only after for your money and not your name to be reported on the Government. And every morning and afternoon, a Laboratory guy will fetch all the blood samples that was submitted for testing on Zack's. I know all of these because I have been there 2 times and 2 times in Biosytech as well mainly for HIV testing purposes. On my 9th mark test I went directly to Biosytech Laboratory to save money because as what I've said on my previous post, Zack's fees are higher because of the Doctor Consultation. People who have undergone HIV, Hep B and Hep C testing on Zack's should be relieved and don't listen to other people's paranioa. Trust me I've been there. As long as your test where taken after the Window Period which is the 3 month mark, it is accurate as what Doctor Zack have said. You can go for the 6 month for final confirmation and also to leave it all behind.

I am not here to defend Zack Medical but I am here to help my fellow HIV anxious to be relieved.

B.D. said...

RE comment at 5:14 PM, October 08, 2014... For what little it may be worth, my suggestion to you is not to worry that your symptoms are related to HIV since, as you have stated, these symptoms were present before. If you suspect that you may have got infected with HIV the only way to verify your status is to get tested. As many people have posted, you can get tested at Zacks. In the unlikely event you test positive, you will get a call to attend a second testing. Until you follow through on the second test, it appears you will face no risk of being reported. If on the other hand, your result is negative, then you can rest easy.

B.D. said...

At Anonymous from 5:05 PM, September 21, 2014 ... Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope, as you wish, you will one day be able to return to the UAE. HIV is no longer the severe condition it used to be and it would seem only fair that people not be deported or banned for this condition. As you explain, banning and deporting people does not remove this disease from the country.

B.D. said...

At Anonymous from October 9... Thanks for sharing the detailed info about the two labs, so that people can consider other alternatives to Zacks. And it seems clear now from yours and previous comments that Zacks is straight up, if not just a bit expensive. This ought to be a message to people that there is a testing option in the UAE in advance of screening for their visas. On the other hand, I'm sorry to hear about your OCD tendencies, and it seems when it comes to HIV concerns quite often people become overly worried and unable to let go of their fears, even after testing. My hope is that everyone can try to approach their fears as rationally as possible.

Anonymous said...

I am just so happy to have came across this blog. Thank you so much for this! I myself is currently dead anxious about having HIV. I was on a trip outside UAE early last month and had then have a compromising sexual encounter. (Believe me, it was my first and only encounter with a prostitute, hence the extra guilt). Two or three weeks later (until now) I am experiencing what seems to be the major symptoms of HIV: fluctuating body temperature, some body ache, and there are abnormalities on my skin (I have pimple-like bumps on my upper back and some on chest and stomach, and one or two on my arms and legs). My nails seem to have dark streaks as well (not that dark yet though) beneath the nail bed which I've read are indicative as well of HIV infestation. I was like 80% sure I have HIV, but can't confirm until I had myself tested, of course. I feel so dirty right now. All this time I thought I am the type who always makes rational decisions in life. Just one single mistake. Just one. And now I feel I am doomed for the rest of my life. To make things extra worrisome, I am bound for medical this week for visa renewal. My gameplan is this: I won't take risk of deportation if ever I'm positive, so I'll go to Zack tomorrow to be tested. If its positive, I will quit from my job and go home after a month (I'll use the 29-days grace period after visa expiration), so at least I have one-month notice on my resignation.. then I will just make up a story why I have to leave UAE (I can't tell anybody other than my family because, if you know me, I am the least person whom will get this kind of illness- every body seems to know me as mr. nice guy). My biggest worry though is my parents- I felt like crying just thinking how they will feel that their son whose smart enough for this kind of thing, actually got himself into this ugly situation, and throw all his life and dreams just like that- and he's barely 26yo :'( If God gives me another chance at life and the result will turn out negative, I am not sure if I should go take another exam from manchester clinic (or wherever) before going for the DHA medical exam for visa renewal. I need your support and prayers guys. :'( I am begging God for another shot into the "clean" life and I hope He give it to me. Wish me luck for tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

This is the same guy as above. THANK GOD! My result in Zack turned out negative. I took the 900AED medical test, which, according to the nurse, is the same test being done during medical for visa renewal. It tested me for HIV, Syphillis and Hepa B and C - all are negative!

The test for HIV is called HIV I and II + HIV 1 p24 Ag by ECLIA. My result is Negative (0.211). Unfortunately, the doctor is out and will be back only after a week so I was not able to inquire deeply regarding the result.

Now as for Zack, what I can say is that the staff are professional, and the clinic is clean and discreet. Also, the results where on a scanned report from Biosytech so I don't think they will be able to tamper or play with it. So for you guys who are so afraid of getting tested, I am telling you based on my personal experience- man up and get tested in Zack! It's better than having no clue at all on what your true condition is.

B.D. said...

To Anonymous just above... Happy you got a good result on the testing. Thank you also for the quick update of your situation. This will help other people have more confidence in doing a test with Zacks. Everyone makes "mistakes" and I think we should not blame ourselves for such mistakes. They only prove we're human. Of course, it pays to be careful in the future, but mistakes in the past can't usually be undone. To keep your mind at ease permanently you should probably have another test done after 6 months to be sure you're clear of any windows. GOOD LUCK and thanks for sharing on the post.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone first of all just wana appreciate b.d for this I had an encounter 9 months ago between them I did about 4 negative tests after 1st test which was afer 3 months in one of the private lab in sharjah I went to zack and the doctor saw my report and told me u don't need anymore test he didn't even took my tests later on I started getting this feelings the u guys are getting and I retest again and again until 7 months and all were negative after reading all this I believe they do test and they do inform u the correct results b noted I did all tests from different labs I guess all of them are not liars and one I did outside uae in my home country aswell so I guess it's time to move on guys ..

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I was the one who took several test from Zack Medical test and Biosytech Lab.

Just want you to know that my Visa is already renewed after 1 year of suffering from HIV Anxiety. And just like the same guy above, it was my first sexual encounter with a female prostitute and dammnn, it was a hell of year.

As what I have observed, majority of the people who tend to suffer HIV Anxiety are nice guys who encountered prostitutes for the first time of their lives. Maybe it's because of the guilt and the gruesome that we felt towards ourselves because of what we have done.

I am just glad that God gave us another opportunity to take care of our lives better than before. Because as for me this experience really changed my perspective with life positively.

And most of all I conclude that our mind is really powerful. Because I really thought I had all the HIV symptoms that I have read on google but then again it was all over-sensitization of NORMAL body sensations which we normally feel every day. But because we became more paranoid we also became more sensitive about these NORMAL body sensations.

I am just glad it is all over now. God bless to all of you.

Anonymous said...

All....zack medical centre is a life saver....no doubt...my worries were out to rest due to this clinic and it's professional team.

Anonymous said...

Hello Guys, May god bless all of you i had massage/sex encounters here in dubai all was after being drunk or due to boredom. All sins start from credit cards and drinking eliminate that from your lives keep being connected to your families and keep living social. Zack was a reliever always do the test and appreciate the result and the chance to live clean in case you are lucky. Anxiety kills and it waves all the short pleasure that you would come to by having sex. Don't curse dubai just live clean and appreciate your healthy life

aaaaa said...

hi , im ahmed , i read your blo and im interested to ask you something from your experience , i live in UAE and i made sex with prostitute it was protected sex and i lick her pussy for min no more im from week until now im so scared to death im afraid it was mistake and i cant stop to worry please tell me what i can do? when i can do test and it is needed test in my case ?
thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

hi guys

to keep it short

i had most if not all the early symptoms of contracting hiv

sore throut ,tonsiles,flu,fungel infection,thrust, rashes for the first time

i checked last march in zach clinic ,the result was negative after three months i went to thailand and it was negative and now i renewd my visa just one week ago

guys trust zach clinic its anxiety that will kill u and weakens ur immune system so u will suffer every one month with repeating swollen lympe or colds and u will relate it to hiv just have a peace of mind after ur result and u will be fine

my advice to u remember always ur negative experience and have sex with ur soul mate partner (wife)

Anonymous said...

Dear All - just need a word of advise. I'd 3 sexual encounters with 3 different hookers in Oct14; Dec14 and on 2nd Feb, 2015. All were protected however; during the third one the condom slipped. Maybe I was inside her unprotected for less than a minute max - not more. I did a blood test in Nov14 - nothing came. Probably they did not check for HIV. Now, two weeks have passed since the last encounter - I had a slight fever and a sore throat. Met a doc and he advised me for a throat swab - have given my sample. I noticed that there is a slight fungal infection on the webbing of the skin b/w the thighs and my scrotum. I do not know the HIV status of those hookers. What are my chances of HIV &/or STI. Which are the STI's that would lead to deportation apart from HIV?

Please help as I am scared to death and unable to sleep

Anonymous said...

Ur friend was in the window period this is why he was negative. Stop scarring people

Anonymous said...

Ur friend was in the window period.

Thought Activity said...

When people come to dubai they go and have sex with prostitutes and then they worry if they have contracted HIV . This is common to many people and I also got into this once . I went back to India and the window period was enough to detect the virus and I got tested for HIV and it came negative . It was the antigen test . I never went to prostitutes after that . Best is to get tested . Go to India and get tested because the tests are cheaper there .

Anonymous said...

Hello, I suspecting that I had STD. I came from vacation, and intercourse without condom, it was june 7, and flew here in Dubai on june 11, and after a weak, I feel uncomportable everytime i pee, its like burning when urinating, then sometimes there's whitish discharge from my penis, when the time i search that symtoms it shows diff. kinds of STD, im so paranoid until now its almost 2 weeks since i feel this, im so scared to go any clinics or hospital here in Dubai, i just want to ask STD can be deported once its positive? and can you give me suggestion? and if possible to treat it by myself? can you advice me on this.. Godbless

Anonymous said...

Zack Medical Clinic is a place where you can go and get tested.

Anonymous said...

I was in ad on a Mission Visa and i had Directly go to seha for medical they gave me " fit " and remarks: that they have Tested for hiv / Aids and chest x ray is it normal that they only Write " fit " what if you have unfit Do they Tell you why?

Anonymous said...


ihopeforme2016 said...

dear all, this is great. i read through this blog that you can skip medical... last time i tested i was negative but am scared reading these stories... am planning to test soon using rapid test kit.. but wondering if any one knows someone who can help to skip medical... if so please email me at ihopeforme2016@gmail.com

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post!! though it freaks me out reading stories from someone who used to live in the UAE.

I am suspecting that I have genital warts from being so careless!! I should have known better! (damn it was my first and contacted a disease!!). We used condoms, but the skin to skin contact might be the reason or the oral sex. Now I am scared! I will meet my doctor tonight to have tested. Grrrrr!! I think I should get HIV test too at my home country to be safe!

Pinoy2016 said...

Ive read about your blog about the deportation happening in uae, it also happened to me, and i was treated nice because the people in the hospital are great in assisting me, but then people with this kind of disease should not be treated as if were a criminals, this should be reported to united nations and as well as world health organization, the treatment in this disease seems to be at its first stage with some enormouse and positive result in different country, so uae should not be afraid of the disease that can be spread to the country, instead help those who contacted the disease within the uae, uae will nkt be safe from this remember that foreign national as tourist or migrant workers keep on entering the coutry, without those person getting tested, so what will be the difference if the expat who has their employer will stay in the country . Theres none , i hope this letter as well as the other letter in the blog will be granted once again to enter the uae .. For the benefit of everyone who has the disease. I hope that this information will be send to WHO And United Nations.
To do something about this... This should be stop to any part ofnthe world... To remove the stigma at to preserve human rights...

Pinoy2016 said...

Theres no way to
Skip the medical here in UAE,and for any one who has been deported with hiv, you could still work in japan, and most part of europe like UK, netherlands, italy, czech republic, also in australia, and canada and united states for as long as you will declare your status and withoud any signs of aids like tuberculosis and kaposi sarcoma, ang pneumonia because this will show cost to the country so stay healthy enough not to get any additional disease.. Someday i hope that UAE and all country in the world will not be discriminating those who has hiv, but to help them to cope up with the disease, to live life, god created this disease to unite all the countries all over the world, despite of different culture and belief... to help each other to fight the disease and to find cure as soon as possible to save millions of lives almost 37 million right now is living with hiv world wide please dont wait until those 37 million dies before we could find a cure. God bless to everyone

Lerato Boltele said...

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Sally Fell said...

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elizabeth said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Im currently a resident in dubai as well. Im having every single hiv symptom. Im living the worst nightmare ever. I am palestinian with lebanese travel documents. I would love to talk to anyone either from same country or lebanese. Living in dubai or lebanon that is possibly hiv pos, or going through the window period. I can meet up with any of you in dubai. Im male 30 years. Kindly email me to mohdali8686@hotmail.com if youre going through the same. Thanks for the great blog

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Anonymous said...

Hi.. Has any one recently been to zack Medical? Is the test reliable?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


call me in the name of mike

i need a clear answer. i have some yellow penile discharge from my penis for 2 days and im not feeling sick or anything. but checking online says i may have chlamydia or gonno. will i be deported in uae once i go to a clinic (zack)?? if tested positive can i treat myself here??? please i need a clear answers because i am really really worried.
thank you in advance!

Philip Stanley said...

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DO they test for herpes during Visa renewal and can people with Herpes live here.....

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