Monday, July 31, 2006

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Picks of the Month: July 2006
Laborers 1
For those most unfortunate ones, it is usually on the job that they succumb, becoming permanently disabled, dying or falling terminally ill. There is no system in place to gather any statistics. No one knows how many suffer such a fate. Such is the nature of the disrespect these indivuals experience throughout their time here.
BD, 7-July
I pass a familiar landmark which I've seen for years but still have no idea what it is or what it is for. In such moments I feel rather alienated from the place I've made a home in over the past 6 years. That, I realize, is a reflection of my own failure to participate in the community or society within which I live.
BD, 12-July
On the second front, it meekly assented to the fact that it was far out-gunned. Without a fight and nary even a word of complaint (well-founded though it would have been), DP World simply relenquished its right to partially manage operations at several US ports.
BD, 25-July
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the Superlative
As a native expat, whose parents have lived in the UAE for 40 years, whose brothers were born and raised in the UAE - I cannot understand the country's naturalization policy - which honestly seems "Alien" and a bit "brutal".
Blogrosh, 20-July

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